Local Sponsor For Business In Dubai

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local sponsor for business in Dubai

Any non-GCC business aspirants looking for a Company formation in Dubai is not legally advised to begin an investment without any Emirati sponsor Whereas if you are setting up a company in a free zone, or your business activity is covered by a professional services license, a local sponsor in Dubai is not required. UAE Companies Law and UAE Civil Law, to start a company with limited liability in a mainland, that is, a non-offshore company in a non-free zone, a minimum of 51% local equity is a must. Despite foreign equity in such a company not exceeding 49%, the profit distribution from it can be mutually agreed upon by concerned parties.
To operate with mainland companies in Dubai, it is mandatory to have sponsorship from an Emirati (UAE national) with a family membership card (Gincia). They generally act as local service agents and nominee shareholders (sleeping partners) in mainland companies with foreign investment.

  1. Even though local sponsor in Dubai possesses power on a firm, typically they never interfere in any of the Company’s activities. They are known as the company’s sleeping partner in Dubai.
  2. They use their power only for the local services like signing on Immigration and labour-related affairs of the company. They give access to use their E-signature card for various processes including applying for the work permit.
  3. Local sponsors do not share on the establishment or its return, whereas there are subjected for an annual lump sum fee towards sponsorship fee.
  4. By law, there is a limitation for a local sponsor in Dubai on sponsoring a number of companies.
  5. There are various PROs/ Business consultants and lawyers in the UAE, who act as an agent between local sponsor and company.
  6. Choosing sponsors is a crucial decision, where the availability and support in future have to be assured on time.

Local Sponsor In Dubai

We offer highly professional local sponsorship services at a reasonable price in the UAE. Get the most reliable and trustworthy local sponsor in Dubai for all kinds of business needs in Dubai. We provide sponsorship service on a flexible fee that will never create a financial burden to the company.
Our local sponsorship services are available on:
• Individual local sponsorship – The sponsorship is given by a local individual in the UAE.
• Corporate sponsorship – Sponsorship is given by a corporate sponsorship service provider.

local sponsor for business in Dubai

Corporate Or Individual Sponsorship?

Both provide the same kind of service to the clients where, the access on service is more flexible with corporate sponsorship, as they are established only for this prime purpose, whereas individual sponsors may be busy with schedules.

Advantages of corporate sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship offers various advantages as of an individual local sponsorship for business in Dubai. Major benefits that a company could enjoy upon taking corporate sponsorship are:

  1. No interference from the sponsor: Corporate sponsors are not involved in the company activities or performances and extend complete business access and authority to the business owner.
  2. 100% of the financial benefits: As like an individual sponsor, a corporate UAE mainland sponsor becomes a 51% shareholder in the company. However, one of the major benefits of this option is that you, as the business owner, possess 100% of the financial benefits.
  3. In-depth protective contracts: Usually corporate sponsors offer detailed contracts drafted by first-tier legal counsel, it ensures the rights of business owners and their shareholders and thus the business is secured. As there is no Side agreements or other subcontracts, corporate sponsorship is advantageous to the investors.

Why us?

Relay on our most trustworthy service to hunt for the most suitable local sponsors for business in Dubai. We are partnering with our clients to get all of their ambitions and dreams realized through the most flexible and convenient sponsorship service in Dubai. Get complete peace of mind by assigning on our team for all your sponsorship requirements.

  1. Professional agents
  2. Working closely with hundreds of local sponsors
  3. Close relationship with several corporate sponsors
  4. Flexible and economical sponsorship fee

We support you to find a corporate sponsor who would extend maximum protection to your financial investment as well as other requirements. We provide sponsors who will give you 100% financial and operational control while protecting your shareholder rights in your LLC company. With us, you will get all of the agreements and documents prepared by first-tier legal counsel and have been tried and tested for over a decade. All the efforts to protect the business and secure the financial rights of your business will be taken by our expert advisory panel.