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UAE is the major business hub attracted by various foreign investors across the globe. Over the last few decades, hike in the companies opened by foreign investors is showing the scope of business in this magnificent land. When it comes to the establishment cost, as setting up a business in Dubai require economically high strength. This, in turn, will work easily only for large corporates and multinational companies. Startups and small business initiatives in Dubai are now following on virtual office set up. Implementing virtual office for the business will help them to get rooted in the field with reduced cost on the physical office set up. Rarely, virtual offices are preferred also by large companies.

Virtual Office Setup In Dubai

Virtual office in Dubai titles an office and its activities of a business, except in physical presence. It is a business address where investors will get benefit the same as of an office. In the concept of a virtual office, investors work remotely and there will be a third person to perform business activities.
Being the prolific business hub in UAE with all means, Dubai provides immense support to the business aspirants with multiple options. Realizing the purpose and objective of new startups and ventures, government rules and regulations are made flexible enough such that companies can manage by setting up a virtual office in Dubai.


Set Up Cheapest Virtual Office In Dubai

We are the reliable and experienced consultants to support any kind of companies with their needs in virtual office space in Dubai. With the prolonged service in the industry and on behalf of our business relationship, we are the most providers of cheapest virtual office setup in Dubai. If your business is interested to place a virtual office in Dubai free zone or even in any other free zone, our consultants will guide you through every procedure and end you up with a compatible office setup that functions as of a physical office. Relying on our virtual office set up in Dubai will advantage the business with full functionality.

Establishing a virtual office space in Dubai will require various procedures and requirements. Our expert consultants will assist on virtual offices for different kinds of companies. Establishing a virtual office in Dubai free zone or other area requires different documents and procedures and even cost. The cost incurred on virtual office set up in Dubai varies depending on the type of services you are expecting to attain through them.

Types of virtual offices in Dubai

  1. Virtual office for marketing – This type of offices is titled to use the business name in Dubai for marketing their products or services. Typically, these type of virtual offices are not provided with visa or corporate bank account. It is considered as one of the cheapest virtual office in Dubai.
  2. Dormant Virtual office – These offices possess shared telephone/fax number and business address for invoicing purpose. It provides best opportunity for web-based businesses that are operated from home.

Advantages Of Virtual Office Space In Dubai

Having a virtual office in Dubai will help the business to function the same as possessing a physical office. Getting the professional consultants who could do virtual office set up in Dubai will excellently execute the strategy of the company on the virtual office. Following are the major benefits of having a virtual office in Dubai.

Save cost

If an entrepreneur wants to starts a company in Dubai but wants to know about the potential of his/her business in the market. Then he/she can setup virtual office before setting up a proper workplace after starting its business. This will assist the entrepreneur or investor to save money before launching the business

Ease of establishment

These virtual offices can be established anywhere including in Dubai free zones. Virtual office setup in Dubai is highly beneficial, as change on any factors affecting business will never force the office to change location.

Low cost

As compared to the traditional workplace, virtual office rent and maintenance cost is very low. But they provide almost the same types of advantages available in traditional offices


Virtual office space in Dubai is equipped with facilities like a registered address for the company, telephone number, conference room etc. are allotted for a virtual company also.

Manage in absence

If the investor could not make a physical presence with their business in Dubai If you can’t keep your presence in Dubai while virtual office setup will advantage with managing in absence too. With your virtual office in Dubai, you will remain in touch with your partners and clients and can use the virtual office for communication and business address.

Cost effective

Famous business centers provide good business opportunities but they are quite expensive. Virtual offices provide cost-effective solution to this problem

Minimum employees only

As there is no physical office, a minimum number of employees are only required in a virtual office in Dubai.

Work from home

Owning a Virtual office space in Dubai will let you to work from home as the business has got specific contact address, websites, marketing media etc.