Offshore Business Setup

Welcome to RAG Global Business Hub, your trusted partner for business setup services in Dubai. If you’re exploring offshore opportunities for your business, our Offshore Business Setup services offer a strategic approach to international expansion. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into what Offshore Business Setup entails, why it can be a savvy choice, and the simplified process we offer to make your offshore business dreams a reality.

What is Offshore Business Setup?

Offshore Business Setup refers to the establishment of a company in a foreign jurisdiction, often in a low-tax or tax-neutral environment. Dubai is known for its advantageous offshore options, offering businesses a range of benefits, including tax efficiency, asset protection, and financial privacy. Here’s why Offshore Business Setup is an attractive choice:

Advantages of Offshore Business Setup

  • Tax Efficiency : Offshore companies typically benefit from low or zero taxation, allowing you to minimize your tax liabilities and increase your profits.
  • Asset Protection : Offshore jurisdictions provide robust legal frameworks that safeguard your assets from potential risks and creditors.
  • Financial Privacy : Many offshore locations offer strict privacy laws, ensuring the confidentiality of your financial and business information.
  • Global Expansion : Offshore companies can easily conduct business internationally, making it an ideal choice for companies with global ambitions.

Why Choose Offshore Business Setup?

Now that you understand what Offshore Business Setup is, let’s explore why it’s a strategic choice for international business expansion:

  • Tax Advantages

    Offshore companies enjoy significant tax advantages, including low or zero corporate taxes, no capital gains taxes, and no inheritance or wealth taxes.

  • Asset Protection

    Offshore jurisdictions offer strong asset protection, shielding your assets from potential legal claims, creditors, and lawsuits.

  • Financial Privacy

    Your financial affairs remain confidential in offshore jurisdictions, providing peace of mind and protecting sensitive information.

  • International Reach

    Offshore companies have the flexibility to engage in global business activities, expand their market presence, and access international opportunities.

The Offshore Business Setup Process

At RAG Global Business Hub, we simplify the process of setting up your offshore business in Dubai’s strategically located offshore zones. Here’s an overview of our streamlined process:


Our experts begin with a thorough consultation to understand your business goals and tailor a customized offshore solution.

Jurisdiction Selection

We assist you in selecting the most suitable offshore jurisdiction, taking into account factors such as tax benefits, legal protection, and business objectives.

Documentation and Compliance

Our team manages all the documentation and compliance requirements, ensuring adherence to local regulations and international standards.

Bank Account Setup

Our team manages all the documentation and compliance requirements, ensuring adherence to local regulations and international standards.

Asset Protection

We help you implement asset protection strategies to safeguard your wealth and investments.

Ongoing Support

Our support extends beyond setup, with ongoing assistance and guidance to ensure the smooth operation and compliance of your offshore entity.

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