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To guide a business forward in its early stages and for the entrepreneur to make informed and calculated decisions during setting up the business a feasibility study always helps. In UAE it is important to know the market dynamics especially if an overseas company wants to enter the market. The strategic location of the business, the future of the economy, and the business environment are all important factors.

How attractive will the investment be in the future time can be analysed by conducting a feasibility study.

Many important factors contribute to a feasibility study and research. The competition, market conditions, potential risks, economic implications, government policies and reforms all form part of this. This information along with the knowledge of the local market as well as the international scope for the business if the case may be, helps businesses and entrepreneurs get a fair idea as to how to approach the business and plan for the future.

Even the legal aspects of the business and regulatory framework of the country form part of the feasibility study. In UAE, certain regulations about the local sponsor for a business, various rules related to mainland company setup, free zone company setup, and offshore company setup, federal rules of trading and commerce etc. need to be understood to function effectively as a business unit. The advantage of conducting a feasibility study is that the consultant can not only provide the much-needed information but also guide the business in how to go about achieving the initial steps in setting up the business. They can also advise on the visa formalities for employees and workforce, labour costs, and office setup too.

Finding potential partners for tie-ups, new alliances, and associations for the business are also possibilities that a business can look forward to from a feasibility study. RAG Group has been in the field of business consulting along with conducting research and feasibility studies for new businesses in UAE. We have an expert team of specialists with years of experience to provide in-depth analysis and study for businesses before entering the market. We support every client right from the research stage throughout their incubation period till the business is up and running.


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