Packaging and labelling are essential for any marketed product. It is not just the brand identity but also a regulatory need to ensure that the package is safe, meets the quality requirements as well as properly labelled with all necessary details. A package is the first identifying part of a product that a consumer sees. It must have all the right details that the consumer wishes to know. On the regulatory side, it must also have genuine and approved details mentioned. It is important in safeguarding quality, ensuring safety, and communicating essential information. The UAE has specific standards for packaging, particularly for sectors like food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Registration services confirm that packaging materials are non-contaminating and suitable for the intended product.

The package registration process goes through the following stages-

  • Documentation Preparation: Prepare all necessary documentation related to their product packaging like packaging materials used, labeling information, and any safety or environmental impact assessments.
  • Submission of Application: The application is submitted to the relevant regulatory authority, depending on the product category.
  • Review and Evaluation: Regulatory authorities review the application to ensure compliance with UAE packaging standards and regulations.
  • Testing and Inspection: Packaging materials may be subject to testing and inspection to confirm their suitability and safety for the intended use.
  • Approval and Registration: Once the authorities are satisfied they issue the package registration certificate, permitting the use of the specified packaging for the product.

RAG has been guiding and assisting companies entering the UAE market with regulatory requirements, filing for registration and necessary documentation. Our experienced legal and operations team ensure that the company has made its packaging and labelling within the guidelines to ease the registration process.

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