Trademark registration in UAE is an important stage in every business. Trademark registration ensures that the intellectual property of the company is protected. Trademarks are crucial in establishing a brand identity that remains safe and protected without any infringements from competition. Trademarks are a protective shield for any brand. It grants exclusive rights to use the trademarked name, logo, or symbol in connection with specific goods or services, safeguarding the brand from unauthorized use by competitors. It also increases goodwill and enhances the brand credibility and trust. In UAE a trademark is valued as a company’s trustworthiness and reliability. Hence, a trademarked brand has more goodwill and trust in the customer's mind. Registering a trademark in the UAE is a prerequisite for enforcing intellectual property rights. If trademarked, and a company finds any form of infringement to their brand, they can take legal action against the guilty party or company.

A trademark registration process has several key stages-

  • Trademark Search: Ensures that the desired trademark is unique and not already in use.
  • Filing Application: Filing a trademark application with the UAE Ministry of Economy’s trademark department.
  • Examination: Review the application to ensure it complies with all legal requirements and does not conflict with existing trademarks.
  • Publication: Publishing of trademark in official gazette, if all formalities are in order.
  • Registration: Registering the trademark by issuance of certificate if no oppositions or disputes are found.
  • Renewal: Trademark registration in the UAE is valid for ten years and can be renewed indefinitely by filing renewal applications.

RAG has been helping businesses in the UAE with the paperwork, documentation, and registration process of trademarks. We understand that every client of ours must have no hassles about trademark infringements and that their brand is protected at all times. We also help in the renewal process.

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