Being the fast developing business hub among world nations, UAE is popularly known as one of the best business destinations for foreign investors. The developmental measures and interventions happening in this country create vast opportunities for potential investors across various sectors. The dream of owning a business or getting into an existing business can be always fulfilled easily through proper channels. Possessing the key skills of a potential investor will guide through the kind of business environment and also the scope and opportunities of the same in the market.

Company formation consultants in Dubai

As a trade hub, Dubai is expanding at a faster pace. Much awaited Expo in 2020 is expected to create thousands of new trendy jobs. With its growing economy, flexible laws, and significant transformation, apart from enticing operative conditions, top-notch infrastructure, strategic location, and economic stability, Dubai becomes investors favourite place. While thinking of new company formation in Dubai, we are here just a call away for every need from startup to promote, endorse, develop, and grow your company.

RAG Global Business Hub offers a team of experienced and leading business setup services in Dubai specializing in all the procedures and requirements of company setup. You just need to have an idea, a clear vision of your venture. RAG Global Business Hub will make its way to take care of the rest.

Planning On A Company Formation In Dubai?

In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai provides magnificent infrastructure, intense and quick growing horizons, to be the biggest business hubs in the world. With the best business strategies and different types of company formations, Dubai invites aspiring business people around the globe.

Dubai government rules and regulations on a business set up by a foreign investor require more government and legal procedures. For this, an expert in this field must accompany all kinds of business set up procedures.

We are the leading company formation consultants in Dubai to provide reliable and timely services on every kind of company formation needs. Our expert team of liaisons will take you close to all the legal and formal authorities to get the documents cleared which are essential for the smooth functioning of the business.

UAE offers a vast opportunity to form different kinds of companies in the UAE. A thorough study on the possibilities and scope raised by each type of company will give an idea about various types of companies. Our business company formation consultants in Dubai extends end to end service for any requirements related to company formation in Dubai

  • UAE Free Zone Company Formation
  • UAE Mainland Company Formation
  • UAE Off-Shore Company Formation
  • UAE On-Shore Company Formation

UAE Free Zones Company Formation

Planning on Dubai free zone company formation? Following are the multiple free zone opportunities in the UAE. A few of them are listed below.

  • Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA)
  • Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA)
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)
  • Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)
  • Dubai South
  • Sharjah Media City (SHAMS)
  • Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF)
  • Ajman Free Zone (AFZ)
  • Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ)
  • Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZ)
  • Umm Al Quwain Free Zone (UAQ FTZ)

UAE On Shore Company Formation

  • Dubai Commercial License
  • Dubai Professional License
  • Dubai Representative Office

UAE Off-Shore Company Formation

Dubai always welcomes enthusiastic businessmen! Generally, there are two types of companies namely offshore and on-shore. The company formation is based on the type of entity and kind of license which has been applied for. We are the leading and best business set-up consultants in Dubai to provide assistance on offshore company formation as well as on-shore.

This kind of company does not impose any limitations or demands on owners/shareholders of the company and no need to pay 0% corporate tax as they are not actively operating within the UAE.

  • Jebel Ali Offshore Company (JAFZA)
  • RAK International Corporate Centre (RAKICC)

Onshore company formation

Onshore company does not allow full foreign ownership and possess tax obligations as they are operating within UAE. If you want to set up a new business in Dubai, learn on following.

  • Dubai Company Act demands a foreign investor to have a local partner who will own the majority interest.
  • The only places investors may incorporate fully foreign-owned companies are the Dubai free zones.
  • The company registration requirements vary, based on the type of company

We are the top company formation consultants in Dubai to assist every kind of business aspirants attracted to UAE. We provide complete assistance on forming:

  • Limited liability companies
  • Private and public joint-stock companies
  • Partnerships
  • Branch offices
  • Subsidiaries
  • Free zone limited liability companies
  • Free zone establishments

Our Company Formation Highlights

  • Business Startups and Company Incorporations
  • Offshore Company Setups
  • PRO services
  • Feasibility studies and Business Plans
  • Feasibility studies and Business Plans
  • Intellectual Property
  • Document Translation Services
  • Immigration Services
  • Trade Name changes
  • Trademark and License Registration

How To Set Up A Company In Dubai?

Depending on the type of company, company formation procedures will take different formalities and steps in Dubai. Our professional team on company formation assistance will guide clients with all types of assistance in forming a company in UAE. Our commitment and efforts will take you to begin the business in a short time.

Start your own company in Dubai!!

  • Choose the type of company
  • Select a business name
  • Apply for commercial/Industrial or professional license
  • Find a space and build your office
  • Register your company

The prime decision that has to be taken by a foreign investor is the type of company. Our expert advisers will help you to have an idea on different kinds of opportunities and scope that you may get with various types of entities in this wonderful land. Based on the primary activity of the would be company, we will apply for the license and meanwhile, the company management can find and begin with the office space infrastructure and other basic necessities. Our customer’s dreams are never realized as their own. Once we get into it, it is our ambition to get it fulfilled!!

We assist our clients with various requirements for company formation in Dubai like

  • drafting and notarizing the company’s memorandum and articles of association,
  • opening a corporate bank account,
  • registering native workers with the Ministry of Labor,
  • registering native workers with the social security authorities.


Frequently Asked Questions on Company Formation in Dubai

  • Are there any legal complexities for setting up a business in Dubai?

    The laws of the land in the UAE have been prepared considering ease of investment. The authority carries out the procedures and legal formalities in a quick manner. Hence, you do not have to wait too long for commencing your business operations in Dubai/ UAE.

  • How can I set up a business in Dubai?

    To start a business in Dubai you need to obtain a business licence . There are three types of business licences. Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore. The procedure for each type of licence differs.

    Primarily business set up in Dubai involves the following-

    • Initial approval from the competent authority, for initiation of the business.
    • Legal and official approval from the authority after thorough verification of the documents. This includes the investor’s identity, qualifications, resident status, financial stability and so on.
    • The authorities will also ascertain the feasibility of the business by examining the official and commercial space, AOA and MOA, the basic structure of the organisation etc.
  • Is open trading possible in Dubai?

    Yes. In fact, Dubai promotes open trading with 75% of products imported are tax exempted. It also gives tax-free operations for Free Zone companies. The trade policy exclusively developed for supporting businesses is conducive for the growth of small firms also.

  • What are the advantages of setting up a business in Dubai?

    Dubai welcomes investors with open hands. One of the most developed cities in the world, business in Dubai offers unparalleled possibilities. The tax regulations, legalities and other official norms are formulated in such a manner to support the investors. The extremely well developed and planned infrastructure gives you ample possibilities to prosper.

  • What’s the cost of setting up a business in Dubai?

    The cost of business setup in Dubai depends on several factors, including business operations, licence type, location, and more. Contact the best business consultants in Dubai to help you set up your business in a cost-effective way.

  • Where do I start a business in the UAE-Mainland or Freezone?

    When it comes to starting a business in UAE Mainland or Freezone, you should know the approving authority, business setup cost, licensing procedure, and the rules and regulations of these jurisdictions. It is preferable to get in touch with our business setup consultants in Dubai for expert guidance.

  • What types of UAE companies can I start?

    In the UAE, companies can be started as mainland businesses, free zone, or offshore businesses. For a business setup in the UAE mainland, a local service agent is required, and the licence is provided by the Department of Economic Department in Dubai. In a free zone, you can operate only within a limited geographical region, and the business is licensed by the respective free zone authority.

    Note that you can enjoy 100% foreign ownership of your business in both these business zones, i.e., mainland and free zones. The company formation experts at the RAG Global Business Hub help you incorporate your dream venture in the UAE by taking care of licensing, documentation, translation work, and much more.

    An offshore business in the UAE allows you to safeguard your wealth and assets, but you can only trade outside UAE. A certificate of incorporation is provided to the company and not a trade licence.

    Mostly all types of companies can be started in the UAE and there are more than thousands of activities registered and allowed by the Economic Department. Yet, it is best to be sure before getting started. So, speak to a business setup consultant for Free! Send us an inquiry!

  • How to start an LLC Company in Dubai?

    To establish a limited liability company in Dubai Mainland or anywhere else in the UAE, you need to reserve a trade name and obtain preliminary approvals. You also need to get a memorandum of association of the company and submit the lease contract and other necessary documents to the Department of Economic Development.

    You will also need to partner with a UAE national and may require additional certifications from authorities, a rented office space also is a must. With RAG Global Business Hub Business Setup you can start a business in Dubai and relax about the requirements.

    We offer all inclusive, affordable packages starting at just Rs. 5,00,000. However, each business has different demands and may cost differently. To get the accurate cost of LLC business setup in Dubai contact our business setup consultants.

  • What are the benefits of a business setup in the mainland UAE?

    As a mainland UAE company, you can do business with any country and trade freely. You get access to affordable rental office space as you are not geographically-limited, compared to free zone companies who are only forced to do business inside the free zones and have limited business scope.

  • What is a Free Zone?

    Free Zones are areas designated for international businesses, which need 100% foreign ownership. Companies in each free zone can trade only within the same free zone and nowhere else in the UAE.

  • What are the documents required for business licence renewal in UAE?

    With RAG Global Business Hub, Business Setup, company formation in Dubai Mainland can take less than 72 hours, however, it is necessary that you have the right documents at hand. Being trusted partners and over 18 years of association with the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, we can establish businesses in the UAE in just three days. Company formation in UAE free zones can take anywhere between 3-10 days.

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