Voice of Youth is an innovative and unique program designed by RAG to tap into the vast potential that the Gen Z community offers. Often brands are at a crossroads trying to target the Gen Z consumer market because understanding their buying behavior and offering a standard set of services is often not possible. There is a disconnect between the brands and Gen Z.

We offer strategic solutions and guidance to companies to bridge this gap and develop their Gen Z consumer base. This is done through customer research, leveraging data, and developing a tailored approach to this target market. A Gen Z customer intelligence advisory works at RAG to achieve this. They offer brands intelligence, strategies, and knowledge to connect with the audience. We use quantitative and qualitative data analysis, trend monitoring, and social media watch to help our clients develop marketing campaigns, innovative products and services, and engaging customer experiences to find an edge over the competition.

RAG through Voice of Youth can provide a viable solution for new market entrants in finding the vast possibilities in UAE. Through this initiative, we can provide much-needed knowledge to companies that want to invest in the UAE and reap rich returns in future.

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