Dubai’s Tourism Industry: Set to benefit from the burgeoning demand of the Qatar World Cup.

Having many firsts on the list, FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar is one of its kind. The event is set to become the world’s biggest after the pandemic made the world hit the rocks. The four-week celebration is estimated to attract 1.5 million visitors, spurring a $20 billion boost to the economy of Qatar. The Middle East countries at large are gearing up to elevate their tourism exposure to serve the global audience as Qatar advances its World Cup preparations.

Set to benefit from the burgeoning demand of the Qatar World Cup.

There can be no doubt that an overspill of visitors from Qatar will make them switch to tourism hotspot, Dubai for accommodation. The ongoing high prices of hotels in Qatar’s capital Doha will drive demand for comparatively budget stays in the next nearest tourist city, Dubai. Short-term rentals have witnessed a massive need in demand. Insights from a property portal in the UAE, have shown that affordable and luxury villas have seen a rental cost increase of around 30 percent, during the first half of 2022. Visa policies have been further relaxed to drive tourist footprint, now allowing entry to UAE multiple times over a period of 90 days. Multiple fan zones offering premium experiences have been opened up in several locations across the city.

Already seeing 160% more traffic in the first half of 2022, Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai has now witnessed major demand for slots by airlines that are targeting to operate shuttle services to Qatar. Major Airlines like Qatar Airways and budget airlines like, FlyDubai, and Wizz Air Abu Dhabi are some of the many other airlines that are offering shuttle services from Dubai. Partnerships amongst airlines in the region, too have been strengthened to provide shuttle services during World Cup week.

Business opportunities Dubai after FIFA World Cup 2022

With a more permissive environment to entice tourists and budget options to choose from, Dubai is at the forefront of gaining substantial tourism industry revenue from this upcoming event. As the government in UAE is striving towards achieving the goal of 25 million tourists to the city by 2025 and reaching the pre-pandemic levels, this event will surely be a milestone. Aviation, traditional hospitality, and all ancillary industries that support tourism are equipped with their strategies to garner maximum out of this demand created by the World Cup.

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