A complete guide to Visa Services in Dubai

A complete guide to Visa Services in Dubai


Entry to UAE requires a visa for every individual. It has to be approved by the concerned government authority prior to the arrival of the individual in Dubai, whereas GCC nationals or residents can acquire a visa on arrival.

Employment Visa

Any foreign national who seek an employment opportunity in UAE requires an employment visa from ministry of residency and foreign affairs, UAE. Visas approved by the ministry of labor in UAE only can get a work permit in this land. Individuals who possess residence or any other sponsorship visa also can get a work permit through the ministry of labor.

Getting a Dubai visa status on employment allows an individual to work for two years, which in turn requires renewal or cancellation based on the sponsor’s discretion. We provide complete service for companies to get an employment visa for their employees. Being the leading PRO service provider in Dubai, we undertake all processing and procedures for employment visa application and approval.

This is the most popular type of visa request in UAE. Work permit and entry permits are mandatory to apply for an employment visa. Once the employment visa is approved, the applicant is required to undergo a series of a medical fitness test and should possess a health insurance policy, in order to get the Emirates ID card.  Employment visa is of two-year validity, which can be renewed upon the mutual interest of the employer and the employee.

Requirements for employment visa
  • Valid trade license copy
  • Immigration establishment card copy
  • Original and attested educational certificates for higher profession
  • Colored passport copies and photos
  • Profession and salary details

Investor/Partner Visa

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Any investor or partner who is planning to open a company in UAE can apply for this visa. This is issued by the immigration department of the UAE. Investor visa allows the holder to live and work for 3 years. This kind of visa requires approval from DNRD and also a deposit amount. Investors on freehold properties can apply for 2 years, 3year and 5-year visa depending on the investment amount.

Who can get an Investor Visa?

Any investors who satisfy the following criteria can apply for an investor visa in Dubai.

  • Investor should be 100% owner of the business
  • Investor should possess a minimum share value of AED 72000
  • Investor should produce valid trade license copy, MOA, Immigration establishment card copy, partnership agreement, Passport copies and photos

Family/Sponsorship Visa

A family sponsorship or residence visa can be availed to the spouse, parents and/or children of UAE residents. Upon satisfying certain criteria and requirements a UAE resident can apply for a residence permit through proper channel.

Who can get a family visa in Dubai?

UAE residents who satisfy the following criteria can apply for the family visa in UAE.

  • A minimum salary of 4000 or 3000 plus accommodation
  • Profession approved by DNRD
  • Valid tenancy contract registered on sponsor name
  • Arabic translated, original and attested marriage contract
  • Labor contract with salary slip
  • Six month’s salary transfer bank statement
  • Birth certificate for children
  • Passport copies and photos of family members
  • If the sponsor is an investor in UAE, partnership agreement, trade license, and a refundable deposit of 3000 per member
  • Tenancy contract of 2 BHK flat and insurance for sponsoring parents

Housemaid/Nanny Visa

UAE residents can bring housemaids or nannies to support them in domestic needs. Usually, maid or nanny visa is obtained for a duration of 1 year. This visa requirement is quite different than that of resident visa for family members. To get permanent status for nanny or maid, you need to complete various formalities including security deposit and health insurance.

The only male head of the family, who have a salary not less than 6000AED/month only can apply for maid visa. UAE government allows maids only from countries like India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Ethiopia.

Requirements for applying for maid/nanny visa

UAE residents can apply for domestic helpers, only if they satisfy the following criteria’s:

  • Salary certificate of sponsor in Arabic for government employees.
  • Labor contract of sponsor for private employees
  • Accommodation contract with at least 2 bedrooms
  • Typed application form from authorized typing office
  • Passport of sponsor
  • Copy of maid’s passport
  • Minimum of three passport photos of the maid
  • An affidavit from embassy or consulate of non-relationship (if the maid is from the same country)
  • Employment entry permit from an authorized provider of visa services in Dubai
  • After receiving the employment entry permit, you will need to pay a refundable deposit of AED 2000, which will be refunded when the maid leaves the country.

Visit Visa /Tourist Visa

A tourist visa in the UAE permits a visitor to stay in the country for the short term. A visit or a tourist visa will allow you to enter in UAE for 1 month or max 3 months. This visa is usually used to explore and enjoy Dubai.

The tourist visa can be issued by travel consultants and hotels in Dubai. The government of Dubai is providing very flexible policies towards visit visa in UAE. A visit visa holder can renew his visit visa status in Dubai, upon a nominal payment in the concerned department.  Now a day’s visit visa in UAE can be issued in a few minutes, through e-visa services.

Being following a highly flexible visit visa rules, the UAE government allows applying for a visa with minimal documents. It is not mandatory to possess health insurance for visit visa holders, whereas getting one from the visa consultant will be an ideal decision, as Dubai is a land of high payment standards everywhere.

Visit Visa charges in UAE

Duration Price in AED
90 Days Visit visa 805
30 Days Tourist visa 335
14 Days service visa 335
90 Days Multiple entry visa 1655
Express visa 30 Days 415
Express 14 Days 415
30 Days multiple entries 655

Getting any kind of Dubai visa status is not a simple task. It follows various procedures with several document support. Visa application and processing requires quite a long experience and contacts in Dubai. Professional visa services in Dubai will give complete guidelines to get any type of visas easily. Business visa services will demand more from documents and other procedures, which could be only taken and completed by visa services in Dubai, who have a close relationship or working history with concerned departments.

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