Cybersecurity : The UAE Envisions Robust Infrastructure

Cybersecurity : The UAE Envisions Robust Infrastructure

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2022, cybersecurity failure is among the top five concerns for the UAE. Globally, nearly 70% of business leaders believe that cybersecurity risks are increasing in recent times. The total damage by cyberattacks is estimated to reach nearly $6 trillion in 2022. Up from 33rd position on the Global cybersecurity index in 2019, the UAE paced its way to 5th a year later. It clearly indicates the country’s ambition to deal with the growing risk of cybersecurity.

The UAE has been proactive in demarcating security in cyberspace as a significant concern. In line with the grander proportions of digital transformation, the UAE’s National Cybersecurity Strategy envisions safe and strong cyber infrastructure aiming to empower citizens and businesses to thrive in the country.

Launched by the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA), at the forefront of the cybersecurity infrastructure is to enable a vibrant ecosystem and robust regulatory frameworks. Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) revised the ADGM Data Protection Regulations 2015 and introduced a much more robust and substantive framework in place. Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) had also updated its existing regulations in order to tackle the dynamic cybersecurity breach. The country has taken major steps to align itself with global standards and best practices for envisioning its cybersecurity infrastructure. Obligations on data protection have been made much more stringent by announcing significant fines and other penalties.

Cybersecurity : The UAE Envisions Robust Infrastructure

Apart from the legal framework, the UAE is well-positioned to bridge the much wider and deeper talent gap in the cybersecurity space. With a global shortage of skilled cybersecurity workers accounting for nearly 2.7 million, the UAE government has been making strides in capability building. The recent joint initiative between the UAE Government, Abu Dhabi Polytechnic, and Huawei i- Cyber Pulse Innovation Lab is established in higher learning institutions to train students in “vendor-specific” capability building in the cybersecurity space. Having signed an MoU with Deloitte for cyber training purposes, the UAE aims to build cyber security capabilities in the country. The UAE Cybersecurity Council has been vocal about its plan for dealing with cyber threats and embraces dynamic Public-Private-Partnership models to realize the same. With definitive measures and strategic collaborations, the UAE has made strides in bolstering its cybersecurity infrastructure.

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