Guide for having Office Space for Rent in Dubai

Guide for having Office Space for Rent in Dubai


With the boom in business and its nature of the conduct, the office concept has been revolutionized. Modern offices are places that comply with technology and advanced infrastructures. Existing and managing in the competitive market is a major task to be done by employees. In order to have a flexible environment to produce the employee’s talents towards business, ideal office space is required.

Office is a place where all the business activities have to take place. Managing information about the business is the prime activity happening there. Office spaces are extending comfortable space for employees to identify new markets, to design new products, to make decisions, to keep people informed and to keep of knowledge, requires information, meeting clients, customers, etc.

Role Of Office For A Business Setup In Dubai

Office space of business in Dubai has got a major role to play with the competitive run in the market. Being the business destination of the middle east. Dubai has got many infrastructure developments convenient for business. Handling all your business activities effectively in Dubai requires a pleasing and comfortable workplace. An ideally structured office will perform a couple of functions to perform business. Following are the important functions of an office in business.

  1. Basic or routine functions.
  2. Administrative management functions or ancillary functions.

The following are the basic functions of an office:

  • To receive or collect information.
  • To prepare a record of such information.
  • To process and arrange such information.
  • To supply readymade information to the authorities when asked for.

Administrative and Management Functions:

  • Management function
  • Development of office systems and procedures
  • Form designing and control
  • Selection and purchase of office appliances
  • Personnel functions
  • Controlling office costs
  • Maintenance of records
  • Planning schemes and policies
  • Safeguarding the assets
  • Public relations

How To Setup An Office For Business In Dubai?

Setting up an office to handle business activities can be done by owning or renting an office space. With the high pricing standards of properties in Dubai, it is not economically feasible to own your own office property, whereas renting is the fair option. Rented offices and co-working spaces are the better options when you own business at various destinations too.

Rented offices will provide all basic amenities required to perform business excellently, and these features are mostly flexible with developers as different business offices may demand various office fit-outs or other facilities. There are various developers in Dubai, which provide customized commercial space for rent in Dubai. Below are the common facilities that you can expect from rented office space in Dubai.

  • Meeting Room
  • Dedicated Smart Office / Dedicated working Desk / Exclusive Office
  • EJARI – DED Approved
  • Access to Lounge & Game Room
  • Phone Answering Facility
  • Dedicated Phone Number
  • 24 Hour Access
  • High Speed Internet, Wi fi
  • IT Support
  • PO BOX and Mail Collection Service
  • Prestigious Company Address – Conrad Hotel Dubai
  • Utilities and Maintenance
  • Printing, Copy and Scanning Facility
  • Pantry and Prayer Room Facility
  • Unlimited Water, Tea & Coffee

These features are subjected to change, based on the consideration of the business on various factors such as, location, budgets, fit out requirements etc.

The best office space should feature all required amenities for business functions and locate in the most suitable area for you and your employees. Getting commercial space for rent in Dubai is not a great deal. From corporate to small office space for rent in Dubai, the Cheapest office space in Dubai is available for business here. There are many things to consider when you find an office space for rent in Dubai business.

  • Location
  • Budget
  • Facilities
  • Type of fit out
  • Rent/Lease Tenure
  • Market study
  • Convenience
  • Get the right developers


The business office should provide accessibility to everyone who involves in such as employees, customers, suppliers etc.  Based on the type of business, a locality may subject to change such as free zones or any other specific incubating region.


Budget is a prime factor in renting an office space in Dubai. It is a determining factor which can impact the quality and availability of your desired place in the specific rent. Get an option from renting an office space in Dubai or sharing, based on how much the company can spend on the office. In the competitive market, you can Look for units that offer flexible and optimal payment plans, which will help you in managing your budget wisely.

Type of fit out

Based on the type of business activity and level of service extended in the office, a wise decision has to be made on the type of fit outs in the office. Moving for a rental provider with fit-out contractors will execute the plan that you propose while some will accompany you right from ideation to execution.


You should understand well on the facilities provided in the rented office.  Business needs or any other additional facility requirement’s availability should be cross checked before ending with a contract. Custom facilities would be ideal, if the developers are providing an option. Providing a comfortable work environment for the employees is the prime responsibility of the employer. Hence, the investors should take care of the fulfillment of this function, with the renting office.

Rent or lease length

Most of the landlords prefer 3 to 5 years of lease terms so you should consider the following before signing three or five years’ contact. This is another basic consideration before the final decision of renting an office in Dubai. If you forecast a business expansion or growth, never end up in a long-term commitment with any commercial office space in Dubai.

Market Study

Acquiring first-hand knowledge on market will help you to fix on the office. Thorough study of market will show you the best place to locate your business. Competitors in the market, nature of business conduct, etc. should be considered in prior to finding an office space in Dubai.


Finding a commercial space for rent in Dubai is super easy whereas fixing an own one requires tedious procedures and formalities in addition to high cost. Rental or leased offices are best options as it comes with amenities like inbuilt phone lines and internet service, furniture, fittings, power points, etc. Hence renting an office that is more convenient to investors, employees and customers would be ideal. If the investors could forecast on future business expansions or growth, renting a furnished office space in Dubai would be better.

Get the right developer

Find the list of most reputable builders here, to get the commercial space for rent in Dubai. Seeking them will provide industry credentials and they can address all your queries even flexibility on fit-outs or other facilities. Having an office space in Dubai with the right developers will add on to prestige of the business.

Consult business setup professionals to find the most suitable Office in Dubai

It is advisable to get the support of professional business setup consultancy or commercial brokers of an established property services company to find the cheapest office space in Dubai to premium offices for corporates. Handing over this prime responsibility to consultants will make sure of the obtaining of right office for your business in Dubai. The close alignment and relationship with commercial developers and brokerage agents, business consultancies in Dubai will deliver ample opportunities with various office space in Dubai.

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