New UAE Visa Reforms: Set to Attract Global Human Capital

New UAE visa rules to begin on October 3 2022

Coming into effect in October 2022, UAE has announced some of the largest reforms to its immigration policies to date. Announced by the UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP)  back in April, the provisions envision attracting skilled workers, experienced people, creators, and specialists to the country. The visa reforms announced comprise amendments expanding the existing Golden Visa scheme, a five-year residency Green Visa and new entry permits for individual needs across a broad spectrum. With continuous strides made to offer a conducive environment for business to the world, the new immigration policies are highly in-line with UAE’s efforts to attract global human capital.

Significant amendments to the Golden Visa 

Significant amendments to the Golden Visa have been announced, aimed at simplifying the eligibility criteria and expanding benefits across several categories. The long-term 10-year residency eligibility under this visa will now be available to several categories of individuals starting from investors, academicians, frontline workers, and entrepreneurs. In terms of the duration of staying out of the UAE, the golden residency visa will not have any restrictions. Provisions for studying, working, and living without the necessity of a national sponsor are another added benefit announced in the amendments. Allowing full ownership of their business on the UAE’s mainland, the new visa reform will add to the ease of doing business in the UAE.

The Green Visa scheme aims at improving the competitiveness and flexibility of the UAE market

In contrast to the existing two-year residence permit scheme, the Green visa will now allow investors or partners to closely contribute to and participate in building businesses. Benefits to facilitate family members’ residence and extended grace periods are some of the unparalleled benefits offered by the scheme. For freelancers and self-employed individuals, the scheme allows residency without the need for a sponsor or employer. This effort comes in line to attract and retain skilled workers and global talents in UAE.

UAE golden residency visa

Visa for Visitors 

With a validity of 60 days from issuance, several types of visas for visitors have been announced that would allow people to visit the UAE without the need for a host or sponsor. Aiming to attract global human capital, under this scheme,  fresh graduates of the top 500 universities worldwide will have the opportunity to explore jobs in the country. Visiting families, availing medical treatment, for studying or training purposes, visitor visas will be available. To further stimulate the growing global tourist footfall in the UAE, UAE Multi-entry tourist visas will allow staying of up to 180 days.

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