Revised Guidelines for Travel to Dubai: Who can apply and how to apply?

UAE residents who have taken full vaccination (2 doses) in the UAE provided that 14 days have elapsed since the second dose can return to Dubai. The vaccination certificate should have been issued by the UAE health authorities; and the Vaccination certificate should be available in the UAE government health smart apps.

Others who are allowed to enter (provided they are vaccinated both doses):

  • Citizens of the United Arab Emirates and their first-degree relatives.
  • Diplomatic personnel between the UAE and the applicable countries, including the administrative workers in the embassies of the UAE in these countries and the embassies of the applicable countries.
  • Official delegations, subject to obtaining prior approval.
  • UAE residents with gold or silver residency permits.
  • Expo2020 international participants, Expo2020 exhibitors and personnel sponsored by Expo2020 organizer.

UAE Residents Non-vaccinated limited to the following categories

  • Medical staff working in the UAE including Doctors, Nurses & medical technicians.
  • Staff in the educational sector in the UAE and teachers working in schools, universities, and other educational institutions.
  • Students currently studying in the UAE
  • Humanitarian cases (Reuniting families with valid resident visas after obtaining approval from concerned authorities)
  • The staff of UAE Federal and local government and authorities;
  • Continuing medical therapy in the UAE

In all cases, passengers must register through:

Precautionary and preventive measures that apply to the categories allowed to enter UAE:

And fulfil below requirements:

  • PCR test within (48) hours from the date of departure and provided that:
    1. It is showing negative result
    2. It is conducted by an accredited laboratory; and
    3. It bears a QR Code.
  • Before boarding on the flight, a rapid PCR test showing negative result.
  • Persons entering UAE shall:
    1. Be subject to the required public health protocol upon arrival and any Naturalization and Residency conditions.
    2. Wear a monitoring and tracking device (may vary from Emirates to Emirates)
    3. Comply with a 10-day quarantine period; and
    4. Complete a PCR test upon arrival followed by two other PCR tests on the 4th day and 8th day of their quarantine period.

Process before flight for Passengers entering the UAE

  • Resident Passengers who received full vaccination in the United Arab Emirates & 14 days have elapsed since the second dose must visit the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship website:
    1. Apply and seek approval for entry; and
    2. Vaccination certificate must be uploaded.
  • Air operators may check compliance with all requirements before accepting a passenger on a flight.

The vaccination certificate needs to be submitted through the following portals:

For Dubai Visa Holders

For other UAE VISA holders

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