Step by Step Process to Update Outside UAE Vaccination Details on DHA App

UAE residents who have taken vaccination abroad can now upload the vaccination details in DHA App. To do this, follow below steps:

  • Download DHA App and then select the ‘COVID-19 VACCINATION CARD’ on the home:
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  • Select the option at the bottom to update the Vaccination Card details:
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  • Once you select the option, you will be directed to a form to update the Covid-19 Vaccination Card. In the field for ‘Covid-19 Vaccination Center’, you will get an option ‘OUTSIDE UAE’ at the end of the drop-down list. ‘Certificate Type’ should be ‘DHA Certificate’.

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    As per the sources, once the application is accepted, it will be updated in the Al Hosn app. Information published in public’s benefit. For further details and updates, visit


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