The strategic location of the UAE: Making it the business hub of the world

Geographically located in the center of the Gulf countries, Indian subcontinent, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and Africa, the UAE present a plethora of opportunities for a wide range of sectors. Intertwined with impeccable efforts made by the government, future-ready available infrastructure, and the legal and permissibility framework, the UAE has acquired a distinguished status for presenting a global location for fast-growth businesses. The emirate of Dubai, alone, issued nearly 25,000 new business licenses in Q1 2022.

The strategic location of the UAE: Making it the business hub of the world | Business Setup in Dubai

With a diversified landscape and a strategic location, UAE enjoys a distinguished competitive edge over the rest. Due to its proximity to the Strait of Hormuz, passage for more than 40% of the world’s crude oil, UAE’s ports and airports are the most sought-after by major carriers worldwide. Adding to the existing direct geographical access to the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Sea, UAE has highly invested in developing ports to access the Red Sea and river terminals in Central Africa.


UAE’s strategic location between Asia and Europe facilitates a significant creation of a globally competitive trade, transport, and service hub in the entire region. The region serves as the gateway to access two-thirds of the whole global population, making it of significant importance for businesses. 138 companies on the ‘Fortune 500’ list have based their headquarters in Dubai to serve the MENA region. Equipped with world-class infrastructure available for airways, accessing more than half of the world’s population from here, it is at a reach of just an 8-hour flight. Originating from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, several local airlines operate direct flights to almost all major cities in the world. The emirate of Abu Dhabi houses MEASA’s first semi-automated container port that offers state-of-the-art logistics and trade facilities, giving companies access to nearly 5 million international consumers. 

Business Setup in Dubai

Located at the geographic crossroads of some of the most developed countries and emerging economy markets, and at the world’s crude oil transit point, UAE holds location supremacy. UAE has embarked on extending its connectivity corridors across the world and emerges to be one of the most contending options for building a resilient and robust business environment. 

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