UAE’s New Visa Rules : Building Human Resource Competitiveness In The Region

UAE’s New Visa Rules

With a well-established infrastructure, robust banking system, strong and stable political structure, and favourable tax environment, the UAE offers the most favorable trade regime in the Gulf region. Placed at 16th out of 190 countries in the Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) index of 2019, the UAE presents a pool of prospects for investors to locate their businesses in the region. Offering access to two-thirds of the global population, it is considered to be one of the best destinations globally for starting businesses. Behind the multitude of benefits that the UAE has to offer, well-devised government policies and frameworks twinned with a permissible environment are the leading factors. 

In line with the initiatives under “Projects of the 50” that aims at achieving resilience on the social and economic front over the next half century, progressive policy changes and visa regulations are part of the agenda to attract human capital. With an estimated population of 9.9 million in the UAE, nearly 90% account for expatriate workers. Home to over 192 nationalities, the UAE has one of the world’s highest percentages of expatriates. 

Alleviating the existing requirements and expanding the benefits of the visa policies, the new visa regulations aim at simplifying the overall experience of living, working, and investing in the UAE. Accounting for the largest reforms to the immigration policies to date, the UAE’s new visa regulations came into effect this October. Here are some of the key changes. 

New Visa Rules Dubai

Green Visa

Without any requirement of an UAE national or employer for sponsorship, the Green Visa will allow freelancers, self-employed people, skilled workers, and investors or partners to avail of residency in the country for 5-years.  Sponsoring family members and first-degree relatives for the duration of residency is an additional advantage of the residency scheme. In contrast to the previously allowed just 2-years of residency, investors can now avail 5-years of residency to closely contribute to and participate in building businesses through this scheme. 

Amendments to the 10-year residency Golden Visa 

Investors, entrepreneurs, and exceptionally talented individuals in the scientific and knowledge fields are eligible to avail of residency through self-sponsorship under this visa scheme. With the new reforms in place, this residency scheme will build upon the aim to attract and retain skilled talent within the country. On top of the 100 percent ownership of their businesses, the new reforms will now allow the holder to sponsor their family members as well. There are no limits on the validity of the visa irrespective of their stay outside the country, which earlier was limited to 6-months. 

Job exploration Visa

Exceptional professionals will now no longer require a national sponsorship and can explore potential job opportunities in the UAE. Availing this visa would require qualifying under the criteria of first, second, or third skill level classification as per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. Fresh graduates from the top 500 universities of the world, will also be eligible to avail the benefits of the residency scheme to explore prospective job opportunities in the country. This would make the UAE a hub for offering vast talent pools and in turn will be able to garner attention from investors worldwide.  

Apart from this, under the new visa policy, UAE tourist visa will allow visitors to stay in the country for 60 days, from the earlier 30 days. A five-year multi-entry tourist visa will also allow visitors to stay in the UAE for up to 90 days in a row. The business exploration visa is also launched to encourage investors and entrepreneurs to explore business and investment opportunities in the UAE, without the requirement of a sponsor host. 

Enhancing the status of the UAE being a conducive environment for living and working, the new set of visa policies will provide a competitive edge to the country when it comes to human capital. RAG Global Business Hub understands that building UAE as a Nation of Entrepreneurs is the way to realize its Economic Vision and continue its impeccable growth story. Towards this end, 

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