Why should your business consider working in a Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces have witnessed a massive surge in interest over the past few years. Moving away from conventional high-rise office buildings, these spaces are now defining the culture of current working conditions. With an increased pattern of organizations becoming location agnostic, operating with a distributed workforce structure, and seeking to achieve higher levels of cost-effective agility, coworking spaces have seen an unprecedented level of demand.

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After the pandemic altered working conditions, several organizations faced intense turmoil to keep up with the high maintenance and rental costs of offices. Coworking spaces then came to be the aureole of transformation. Previously these spaces have been synonymous with freelancers, small firms, and startups but in recent years companies of all sizes have started exploring them.

It has been estimated that more than 5 million people will be working out of coworking spaces by 2024 which accounts for a nearly 160% increase from the current number. There are several reasons why this sudden shift is being witnessed. From fostering creativity to emanating collaborative spirits, coworking spaces have wealth of benefits to offer.

What do coworking spaces have to offer to businesses?

Coworking space imbibes greater agility in business as it continues to grow. From offering workspaces at prime locations to options to switch to workspaces depending on employee size, collaborative spaces offer freedom without much effort or cost. Readily available office setups allow trouble-free move-in which otherwise could easily rip off weeks of operational hours and team efforts.

In contrast to typical office spaces, coworking spaces offer hassle-free management options for basic resources like internet, furnishing needs, and refreshments. These spaces work wonders for organizations that are looking for cost-effective solutions to cut down on the upfront costs of down payments, rental charges, and other amenities.

Coworking workspaces treasure the transformative power of collaboration with networking. With the ability to solve roadblocks by communicating with other professionals with similar expertise, these workspaces can enable businesses to connect with contemporaries, investors, and mentors. For budding entrepreneurs and new enterprises, building a robust and broad professional network with people along the same spectrum can help in creating substantially high returns.

What is in coworking spaces for employees?

In recent times, trends in employees have drastically shifted forcing organizations to redefine their employee retention guidelines. With coworking spaces that are normally available 24/7, organizations can now offer flexible working hours to employees. Flexibility is one of the major perks that create an affinity amongst employees for coworking spaces. Not only boosts employee morale, but also leads to increased efficiency and productivity.

In a bustling environment with a huge range of people with different sorts of jobs, individuals tend to interact more and gain a better sense of identity in their work which further replicates the productivity and quality of their work. Coworking spaces come with integrated features such as ergonomic furniture, aesthetic and dimmer lights, and wellness spaces that can revitalize employees. Slashing down the commute time is yet another important benefit that is making employees around the world embrace coworking spaces.

Key Takeaways

Employees thrive in coworking spaces for obvious reasons. Simultaneously, businesses remain on the benefiting side too by the availability of perks like cost-effectiveness, better employee morale, and productivity. Additionally, coworking spaces offer unique opportunities for networking, innovation, and extending business visibility. Combining flexible workspaces and workplace ecosystem is the right balance between companies and their employees. This not only offers thriving conditions for employees but also aligns with companies looking to effectively deal with plunged productivity from WFH setups and increased employee retention.

Furnished Office Spaces in Dubai

In developed markets like that of the UAE, most business offices are set with the latest infrastructure and facilities. Demand for office space in Dubai has witnessed a five-year high surge as foreign businesses are readily expanding and relocating. Office occupancy levels were more than 80% while rents marked more than 35 percent increase in the first quarter of 2022. Remaining competitive in such high-demand markets becomes a tedious task incurring huge costs for nascent businesses to have high-quality office spaces. Opting for economical shared workspaces works best for businesses that are seeking to set up in the dynamic markets of the UAE. The coworking spaces can cut down on initial set-up costs and businesses can work out of furnished workspaces at prime locations.  RAG Global Business Hub offers various office solutions like shared office spaces, fully furnished offices etc. suiting your business requirements. Our professional consultants will help in finding the most suitable fully furnished office space in Dubai for your firm. Contact us at Toll Free Number 800724249 or +971 52 103 0680. Write to: info@ragroup.ae to know how we can support you. At RAG Global Business Hub, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs worldwide start business in the UAE.

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